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Organizational Change Capability and Resilience
Dr. Marie Sonnet, Fellow of the Institute for Social Innovation (FGU)

In this CHANGE TALK, Dr. Marie Sonnet discusses how companies and teams can build change readiness and stand the test of time.

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    Welcome to Our CHANGE TALK: Organizational Resilience and Change Capability with Dr. Marie Sonnet
    • Organizational Resilience - What's in it For You?
    • Stronger, Better, Faster: How to Build Change Readiness While Holding on to Your Corporate Identity
    • From Theory to Practice - Behavioral, Contextual, and Cognitive Aspects that Foster Resilience
    • Developing Change Capability and Resilience as a Company Objective
    • Using Polarities to Establish Team-Based Resilience (Behavioral Aspects)
    • The Ambidextrous Organization and Resilience (Contextual Frame)
    • Can Becoming a Talent Magnet be an Effective Resilience Strategy? People-Created Resilience and Summary of First Part
    • Techniques for Team Meetings
    • Utilizing Storytelling for Building Change Capability
    • Is Change Resistance Overrated?
    • Using Product Innovation to Drive Resilience
    • Driving Resilience and Change Capabilities for the Common Greater Good