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"Unique Change" at SMBC Bank with Kunal Mahajan, VP Leveraged Finance

The "Unique Change" initiative at SMBC Bank champions people with disabilities, i.e. unique abilities, to educate co-workers and management to create a culture of emotional intelligence & inclusion. In this CHANGE TALK, Kunal shares the ins and out of this beautiful transformation.

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    Welcome to Our CHANGE TALK: "Unique Change" - Creating a Culture of Emotional Intelligence and Inclusion at SMBC Bank - with Kunal Mahajan
    • "Unique Change" at SMBC Bank - What is this initiative about?
    • The Mock Interview: Giving Back and Educating by Example.
    • Recruiting Allies, Educating Senior Management and "Living" a Culture of Emotional Intelligence
    • Understanding the Facts and Stats of People with Disability in Corporate America
    • Rising to the Occasion, Overcoming Worst Fears, Seeing Injustices, and Developing on a Personal Level - Across the Entire Firm
    • In Search of Unique Talent; Outreach to the Cognitive Disability Community
    • Cultivating Transformational Leadership and Next Steps
    • Destigmatizing Visible and Invisible Disabilities in Corporate America: How to Build a Culture of Trust and Psychological Safety
    • Changing Lives: Educating About Mental and Physical Disabilities, Building and Supporting External Communities From Within
    • Time Frame for a Mindful and Genuine Large Scale Change Initiative - Summary of Learning Outcomes
    • Secrets to Successful Transformation: A Somewhat Different "Recipe"